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Edward C. Frederick


Seminars, Keynote Lectures, and Papers Presented


1976 Northern Arizona University, Department of Biological Science
"Selected physiological properties of the ankle extensor muscles of Mephitis mephitis "

1977 Museum of Northern Arizona, Department of Biology, "How animals move"

1977 University of Tennessee, Department of Zoology, "Why big animals? Being a discussion of size limits in mammals"

1979 University of Montana, Department of Zoology
"Muscle design in an endurance walker, the Striped Skunk"

1979 New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Physiology Department "The concept of muscle design"

1979 Colorado State University, Department of Anatomy, "Muscle fiber type compartmentalization in mammals"

1979 Portland State University, Department of Biology
"Muscle design in the Striped Skunk"

1979 University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Department of Biology
"Analysis of muscle design in mammals"

1982 University of Calgary, Faculty of Physical Education
"The resolving power of oxygen uptake measurements"

1982 Johns Hopkins University,Department of Mechanical Engineering
"Running shoe biomechanics: Myth versus fact"

1983 Baldwin-Wallace College, Department of Biology, "Zoolympics"

1983 Simon Fraser University, Department of Kinesiology,
"Studying the economy of movement"

1983 University of Tennessee, Departments of Zoology and Physical Education, "Running shoe biomechanics: Myth versus fact"

1983 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, "What a difference a shoe makes"

1984 Liverpool Polytechnic, Department of Sport & Recreation Study, "Mythology in sports biomechanics"

1986 Pennsylvania State University, Center for Locomotion Studies
"Kinematically mediated effects on the economy of movement"

1987 University of Calgary, Biomechanics Laboratory "Biomechanical aspects of ski skating"

1992 University of Massachussetts, Department of Exercise Science, "Biomechanical Aspects of Sport Shoe Biomechanics

2002 University of Massachusetts, Department of Exercise Science, “Big Ideas in Biomechanics”

2004 Pepperdine University, Natural Sciences Seminar, " Applied Sports Footwear Biomechanics"

Keynote Lectures

1978 Atlanta, Georgia State University, AMA Symposium, "Controversies in Sports Medicine "

1978 Honolulu, AMJA Sports Medicine Symposium,
"How high, how far, how fast: Human peformance potential"

1979 Boston, Symposium on Medical Care in Road Racing
"Role of environmental factors in planning medical care"

1979 Honolulu, AMJA Sports Medicine Symposium, "Heat injury in marathon running"

1979 Provo, Utah, Brigham Young University, Distinguished University Lecturer, "Human anatomical and physiological potential"

1981 New York, American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
"Myth and fact in sport shoe biomechanics"

1981 Minneapolis, ACSM, Symposium on Ergogenic Aids
"Extrinsic biomechanical aids to performance"

1981 Boxborough, MA American College of Sports Medicine- New England Chapter, "Body size and biomechanical consequences"

1982 Seattle, American Society of Biomechanics
"The role of biomechanics in sports equipment design"

1982 Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing, All-China Sports Federation Lecture Series, "Myth and fact in modern sports science" and "Using sports science to enhance performance"

1982 Boston, St. Elizabeth's Hospital Sportsmedicine Symposium
"Biomechanical aspects of running shoe design"

1982 Nijmegen, Netherlands, Symposium on Sport Shoes and Playing Surfaces,
"The effect of shoe design on shock attenuation"

1983 Boston, American Podiatric Association
"Myth and fact in sport shoe biomechanics"

1983 New York, John Marshall Memorial Symposium
"In search of the perfect marathon"

1983 Cleveland, Baldwin-Wallace College Special Event Lecturer
"Human running"

1983 Calgary, Symposium, Biomechanical Aspects of Sports Shoes & Playing Surfaces,
"Measuring the effects of shoes and surfaces on the economy of locomotion"

1984 Orelia, Ontario, Ontario Exercise Physiology Group
"Factors affecting the economy of movement"

1984 Brussels, Belgian Society of Kinestherapy (ABKS)
"Myth and fact in sport shoe biomechanics"

1984 Munich, Symposium- Der Schuh im Sport
"Dilemmas and Dichotomies in sport shoe design"

1984 Hanover, Dartmouth Medical School Sportsmedicine Symposium
"In pursuit of the perfect marathon: Using sport science to improve performance"

1984 Iowa City, Hawkeye Sports Medicine Symposium, "Running shoe biomechanics"

1986 Glasgow, Commonwealth & International Conference on H.P.E.R.D.
"Kinematically mediated consequences of sport shoe design"

1986 Edinburgh, Exercise-Benefits, Limits & Adaptations, symposium
"Biomechanical aspects of endurance"

1986 Burlington, VT. Univ. of Vermont, Biathlon Conference, "Using Biomechanics to Ski Faster"

1987 Calgary, Alberta. Biomechanical Aspects of Sports Surfaces, Intl. Symposium
"Performance aspects of sports surfaces"

1987 Burlington, VT. University of Vermont, Biathlon Training Conference
"Putting Technique Improvements into Perspective"

1987 Manchester, NH. Elliot Hospital, "Truth or Consequences in Sports Medicine"

1988 Anaheim CA. I.D.E.A. Convention, " Fitness Tools for CrossTraining"

1988 Calgary, Alberta, 2nd Annual Symposium on Sports Surfaces
"Citius, Altius, Fortius: Performance Enhancement through Sport Surface Design"

1988 Calgary, Alberta, 2nd Annual Symposium on Sports Surfaces
"Marketing Technical Concepts to the Sports & Fitness Community"

1988 Chicago, IRSA Fall Conference, " Integrating Safe, Effective CrossTraining Programs"

1988 Washington, DC. IDEA Convention, "Fitness Tools for CrossTraining"

1988 Tokyo & Osaka, Japan, NIJAC Sports Forum, "CrossTraining: Fitness tools for a better life"

1989 Aspen, Colorado, Aspen Sportsmedicine Conference,
"Fitness tools for CrossTraining" & "Sport Shoe Biomechanics for the Practitioner"

1991 Orlando Florida, American College of Sports Medicine - Annual Meeting
Guest Clinical Lecture " Biomechancial Mechanisms of Sports Injury"

1991 Orlando Florida, American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting
Symposium keynote: " Mechanical Constraints on Nordic Ski Performance"

1991 Chicago, IL, Sensors Expo
"Harnessing Local Pressures: A New Tool for Sports Performance Enhancement."

1992 Calgary. Alberta, International Sports Surfaces Symposium
" Biomechanical Underpinnings of Sports Surface Standards"

1992 Colorado Springs, CO USOC Sports Equipment and Technology Conference
"Measuring Nordic Ski Glide Performance" (w/ J. Healy & A. Vangura)

1993 Falun, Sweden, International Nordic Skiing Symposium, " Finding Faster Skis"

1993 Amherst, MA Intl Soc. Biomechanics in Sports Symposium, "Slipping and Sliding in Sports"

1994 Calgary, Alberta Canadian Soc. of Biomechanics Functional Footwear Symposium
" Footwear and Performance- Is there a link?"

1994 Boston, The Boston Foot Course, "Biomechanical Consequences of Sports Shoe Design"

1995 Göteborg, Sweden Chalmers University Biomechanics Seminar
" Biomechanical Demands of Court Sports"

1995 Köln, Germany ISB - Working Group on Functional Footwear Symposium on Footwear Biomechanics, " Biomechanical Requirements of Basketball Shoes"

2001 Washington, DC Prescription Footwear Association Symposium on Footwear Biomechanics, “Pedicentric Foowear Design”

2003 Queenstown, New Zealand, Foot in Sport conference of New Zealand Society of Podiatrists “ Pedicentric Shoe Design: a Critical Dissection of Footwear R&D”

2003 Queenstown, New Zealand 6th Symposium on Footwear Biomechanics of the ISB-Technical Group on Footwear Biomechanics, “A Peak Down Under the Rug”.

2004 Hong Kong, Chinese University Hong Kong, Workshop: Application of Science in Footwear Design, Development and Manufacture, 2004, "Application of Science in Footwear Design"

2005 Dongguan City, People’s Republic of China. Workshop “Application of Biomechanics in Footwear Design”.

2008 Stoke on Trent, UK, 6th Staffordshire Conference on Clinical Biomechanics,
" The Pedicentric Cure for What Ails the Footwear Industry"

2008 Stoke on Trent, UK, 6th Staffordshire Conference on Clinical Biomechanics,
" Biomechanics of Skateboarding "

2009 Atlanta, GA, PFOLA 2009 12th Annual International Conference on Foot Biomechanics
& Orthotic Therapy, " Kinetics of Skateboarding: Footwear Considerations”

Research Papers Presented

1975 Society for Neurosciences- Arizona Chapter, "Histochemical properties of Hindlimb muscles of the striped skunk"

1976 Arizona Academy of Sciences,"Adaptations for saltation in pocket mice and kangaroo rats"

1976 American Society of Zoologists,"Histochemical properties of the primary ankle extensors of the Striped Skunk, Mephitis mephitis"

1977 American Soc. of Zoologists,"Muscle design in the ankle extensors of M. mephitis"

1980 American College of Sports Medicine, "Lower oxygen cost while running in air cushion type shoes"

1980 American Society of Biomechanics, "The prediction of vertical impact force during running"

1981 American College of Sports Medicine, "Consequences of scaling on impact loading in running"

1982 World Congress on Sports Medicine,"The effect of shoe weight on the aerobic demands of running"

1983 American College of Sports Medicine, "Shoe design and rearfoot control in running"

1983 Symposium on Biomechanical Properties of Sport Shoes and Playing Surfaces,
"The effects of shoe cushioning on the oxygen demands of running"

1983 International Society of Biomechanics, "A model of the energy cost of load carriage on the feet during running"

1984 American College of Sports Medicine, "Ventilatory contributions to shock attenuation"

1985 International Society of Biomechanics,
"Rearfoot kinematics and ground reaction forces in elite caliber twin runners"

1985 New England Physiologists, "Performance Limits"

1987 International Society of Biomechanics, "Double peaks in impact force during running"

1989 International Society of Biomechanics, "Scaling of Foot Dimensions" w/ J. Robinson

1989 IOC World Congress on Sports Science, "Reliability and validity of tests of ski sliding friction". w/ P. Hoag. (Poster)

1995 ISB - Working Group on Functional FootwearSymposium on Footwear Biomechanics, "Determining the cushioning characteristics of replacement insoles" w/ Craig Wojcieszak

1997 ISB Technical Group on Footwear Biomechanics, 3rd Symposium on Footwear Biomechanics, "A Comparison of Two Friction Measuring Methods", w/ C Wojcieszak, P. Jiang

2003 ISB-Technical Group on Footwear Biomechanics 6th Symposium on Footwear Biomechanics, "Biomechanics of Skateboarding: Kinetics of the ‘Ollie’?. w/ J. J. Determan, S. N. Whittlesley, and J. Hamill

2004 CSB Symposium w/ J Determan and J. Cox." Impact Forces During Skateboarding Landings".Thirteenth Biennial Conference, Canadian Society for Biomechanics. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 2004

2006 World Congress of Biomechanics w/ J Determan, J. Cox, and M Nevitt, “Kinetics of the Skateboarding Kick Flip” Fifth World Congress of Biomechanics, Munich

2007 VIIIth Footwear Biomechanics Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, w/ J. Determan, J. Cox, and M Nevitt, “Reporting Shear Ground Reaction Forces During Skateboard Landings” Footwear Biomechanics Group

2008 VIth
North American Congress on Biomechanics (NACOB, Ann Arbor (USA) w/Matthew Nevitt, Jeremy Determan, Joseph Cox & Edward Frederick,"Ground Reaction Forces in Skateboarding: The Ollie"

2009 IXth Bienniel Footwear Biomechanics Symposium, South Africa, w/ J. Determan and M Nevitt, “Measuring the Shock Attenuation Properties of Skateboarding Shoes”

2009 IXth Biennial Footwear Biomechanics Symposium, South Africa, w/ J. Determan, J. Cox, and M Nevitt, “Tibial Accelerations During Snowboarding Jump Landings: A Pilot Study”

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